Obatala Shrine


At the meeting between Chief Lloyd Weaver and Chief Kola Abiola it was agreed that all Organisation development plans below must be pursued and put in place in the process of restoring the Obatala Temple in Ile-Ife. This minutes agreed on our Must Dos and this report is to inform or notify all Olorisa and individuals who will be interested in active participation on any of the following work streams.

The Must Do's

  1. Create a strategic Plan

  2. Create a Management structure around consultation process and the work-stream

  3. How do we create a volunteer's Bank in the US and Nigeria?

  4. How do we seek the initial funding for a Development Worker?

  5. Identify Interest Groups such as major Orisa Houses and Associations and target individuals - How do you make the project resourceful and attractive to all Olorisa?

  6. Identify Trusts, Corporates, Foundations who are potential Funders

  7. Obtain the Funders Guidelines and their areas of Priorities, so our funding applications can address their guidelines and priorities through the proposals

The Management structure and the Work streams

  1. The Think Tank Work stream

  2. The Consultation Work stream

  3. The Fundraising Work stream

  4. The Finance Work stream

  5. The Action Work stream

  6. The Management Board

  7. The Executives

Think Tank Work stream: They will plan and develop effective policy addressing emerging issues and needs of the work streams in the process of reconstructing the Temple. Members of this work-stream must link with all the work streams through the development worker. They will initiate policy through regular consultation with all the work-streams. All members of the work-stream will know them selves initially through the mail until the first meeting that may be held near where they reside. Think Tank Work stream members are the convener of most meetings and they shall be accountable to all Olorisa and the work-streams. All work-stream leaders will represent their work-stream on the Think Tank. There will be local and international work-stream membership. We expect all members to be computer literate and accessible.

The Consultation Work-stream: This group will speak to all Olorisa in Nigeria, the UK. and the United States and they will decide their plans of action. They will identify key people among Olorisa who will serve as active members and volunteers on the various Work-stream. They will regularly facilitate and coordinate meetings and events.

The Fundraising Work stream: The fundraising work-stream will develop their effective strategies for fund-raising. They will be responsible for accessing funds, making funding application on behalf of the project.

The Finance Work stream: They will monitor effective use of funds and the progress report. They will assess the project and strategies regularly.

The Action Work stream: They will commission services and recruit volunteers on behalf of the project.

The Management Board: They will be the key people who will develop from the planning and the execution of the project. They will continue to manage and sustain the Obatala Shrine and activities with support from the chiefs and the community of Olorisa around the world.

The Executives: They are the Employees, the staff they will manage the everyday affairs of the center and maintain the contact between the center and all Olorisa around the World. They will organize activities and training in Priesthood at the Centre. They will recruit local artists and craftsmen/women to work in the workshop. They will link with other local and international group and make use of volunteers. They will manage the clinic and the patients in collaboration with the local Health Department Office. They will link with International Health Organizations and projects. They will maintain the building and manage the guesthouse and the services at the Shrine.

We are currently recruiting volunteers into all the work-stream. Fill the form attached to this document and send it to your local coordinator. Ebo a fin o etutu a gba.