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Obatala Shrine

Help restore the Obatala shrine in Ile Ife.

The Yoruba People of Southwest Nigeria

It is often written that the Yoruba people of Southwest Nigeria are one of the most interesting and important peoples of Africa and that no African group has had greater influence on New World culture.



At the meeting between Chief Lloyd Weaver and Chief Kola Abiola it was agreed that all Organisation development plans below must be pursued and put in place in the process of restoring the Obatala Temple in Ile-Ife. This minutes agreed on our Must Dos and this report is to inform or notify all Olorisa and individuals who will be interested in active participation on any of the following work streams.


Restoring The Shrine

The essential job will be a total rehabilitation of the Shrine to its original state, primarily matching the traditional design and architecture. In the partially paved courtyard area immediately outside of the shrine proper, traditional priest/artists will replicate traditional architectural ornamentation, primarily posts and friezes.


The Need for Restoration

Training in Priesthood and the ancient herbals for health improvement and spiritual fulfillment will enhance community health and global learning. The Health clinic facility at this shrine will compliment health and social care services in the Ife community and the world at large. It will serve as facility for Olorisa around the world to gain more learning about ewe, Orisa and spiritual practice.